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Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod Bundle 1.0

Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod Bundle 1.0

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Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod + FREE anti-twist device
1. Buzzer Bar Length
2. Buzzer Bar Length

Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod + Buzzer Bars of your choice + FREE Anti-twist device

Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod:
Looking for a compact yet versatile Rod Pod for your fishing adventures? Our Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod offers the ideal solution with its high quality construction and customizable settings.

Technical details:

  • Rustproof and powder coated for maximum durability
  • Light weight of approx. 2.8kg for easy transport and setup
  • Generous upper structure with a length of 57.5cm for several fishing rods
  • Base (Tripod) Leg length retracted: 33cm, extended up to 60cm for stability on various surfaces

Buzzer Bars:
Buzzer Bars are indispensable companions for anglers who want to position their rods safely and stably. Our collection includes a wide range of Buzzer Bars including 2-Rod, 3-Rod and 4-Rod variants designed to suit different needs and preferences.

FREE Anti-twist device:
A reliable Anti-twist device is crucial to secure your Buzzer Bars firmly on the Rod Pod and ensure that they do not unexpectedly rotate during a bite. Our Fullrun + Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod Anti-twist device offers exactly the stability and reliability you need to be able to concentrate fully on fishing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul K

Hab schon den großen Bruder und mit dem richtig zufrieden. Kein Rost oder sonstiges. Einfach Topp. Jetzt muss es auch der kleine Bruder sein haha 😆

Christian F

Sehr zuverlässig, freue mich dass ihr wieder zurück seid!


absoluter lieblings rodpod


Gratis Versand und guter support. Produkt natürlich auch klasse! :D

Kevin S

Die Qualität hat mich wirklich überrascht. Kein China scheiß!