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Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod

Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod

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Looking for a compact yet versatile rod pod for your fishing adventures? Our Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod offers the ideal solution with its high quality construction and customizable settings.

Robust construction: The Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod consists of a superstructure on which your fishing rods can be safely placed and a stable base, the tripod. Both pieces are made from high quality materials, carefully powder coated and rustproof to ensure long life and protection from the elements.

Adjustable Settings: The angle of the top structure can be easily adjusted to find the optimal position for your rods. Likewise, the base, the tripod, offers flexible adjustment options - the legs can be easily extended and retracted, and the angle can be adjusted as needed to suit different terrain conditions.

Technical details:

  • Rustproof and powder coated for maximum durability
  • Light weight of approx. 2.8kg for easy transport and setup
  • Generous upper structure with a length of 57.5cm for several fishing rods
  • Base (Tripod) Leg length retracted: 33cm, extended up to 60cm for stability on various surfaces

Invest in the Fullrun Stalker Rod Pod for flexibility and reliability on your stalking fishing trips. Its compact size, robust construction and adjustable settings make it the ideal companion for mobile anglers chasing big catches.

Anti-twist protection and buzzer bars are not included as standard.
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