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Curved Rod Pod Superstructure (coming soon)

Curved Rod Pod Superstructure (coming soon)

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The Curved Rod Pod Top is the central element of your fishing setup, providing stability and control for your rods. Made from high quality materials and carefully powder coated, our Curved Rod Pod top structure is rustproof and guarantees a long service life, even under demanding conditions.

With the ability to adjust the angle and length to your liking, our Curved Rod Pod Top offers maximum versatility for any fishing environment. Whether you want to optimize the rods for different fishing techniques or adjust the orientation to suit local conditions - our top structure can be easily adapted to your needs.

Technical details:

  • Rustproof and powder coated for long-lasting durability
  • Superstructure length retracted: 83.5cm, extended up to 127cm for maximum adaptability

Invest in quality and functionality - choose our Curved Rod Pod top structure for an optimal fishing setup. With its robust construction and adjustable settings, it is the perfect companion for successful fishing trips, whether on the lake, river or sea.

Optimize your fishing setup with our Curved Rod Pod superstructures - Compatible with our K&K Tripods!

Already own a K&K Tripod but looking for a flexible top structure for your fishing rods? Our Curved Rod Pod superstructures offer the perfect solution. High-quality and powder-coated, they fit seamlessly with our K&K tripods.

With the ability to adjust the angle and length as needed, our top structures offer maximum versatility and control over your fishing rods. You can easily swap them out as needed to best customize your setup.

Take the opportunity to optimize your fishing setup. Choose our Curved Rod Pod top and experience an incomparable fishing experience, tailored to your individual needs.

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